Hoodie Camp Release

The new Hoodie is around the corner, you can give it a try today!

Hoodie Camp

Hoodie enables you to express yourself through technology by making web app development very fast, easy and accessible.

It’s a complete backend for your apps: develop your frontend code, plug it into our API and your app is ready.

Hoodie is Open Source.


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Hoodie’s Documentation

Hoodie is for you

Currently, Hoodie is mainly for frontend developers who want to build their own applications based on it, and for Node.js developers who want to help us extend Hoodie’s core by building plugins.

Hoodie’s future goal is to be accessible for designers and people with few coding skills because we think this matters.


Hoodie is an Offline First, noBackend architecture.

Its Dreamcode API gives you user signup and administration, data storage, loading, synchronisation and shares, emails and payments and can be extended with plugins. Hoodie is written in JavaScript and Node.JS and relies on CouchDB.


This week of work on Hoodie is sponsored by
The Neighbourhoodie.

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About Hoodie

We believe in Diversity, Enablement, Empowerment, Decentralisation, Independence and Freedom.


We’d love to have you on board. We’re looking for people who can code, design, write, organise and much more. Find out how you can support the work on Hoodie here.

A very promising open-source library for building offline-first apps.

— Smashing Magazine

❤ Hood.ie - a fast offline-first architecture for webapps. Super-simple user management & storage. Great for mobile.

— Addy Osmani

The Hoodie team is one of the nicest and welcoming that I’ve ever known.

— Katrin Apel

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