The Hoodie Animals

This project is powered by our humans — and by another great bunch: say hi to our wonderful Hoodie Animals <3

The Low-Profile Dog

When thinking about a proper representative of the Hoodie project on the internet, all of a sudden we ended up in an extensive discussion. Of course we had had a dog as a profile picture in Hoodie’s official internet accounts for a long time, but did that even matter? Everyone of us was completely aware that the internet is full of cats, so was it even appropriate to have Hoodie represented by a dog? Or wouldn’t it be far better to hire a cat to do the job, also to gain broader acceptance and support from the general internet audience, which, according to statistics, consists of 95% cats?

Then we stumbled upon a blog post: “Hi, I’m a dog,” it started. We continued reading: “I have been on the internet for more than ten years now. Most of my time on the internet I spent in niches, places which are designed for dogs and other internet animals that are just not cats. I’m aware that the internet is mostly a place for cats, and I’m okay with it. I mean, I like cats. They’re usually quite decent animals, although their huge visibility (they’re just everywhere!) is sometimes a bit frustrating. Still, I think that the internet is also a place for animals like me, and that we should be more visible here. I, as my kind of animals, am not a high-profile animal on the internet yet, but if there’s a place for me where I could get in touch with a broader audience, please contact me. Oh, and by the way: I love wearing textiles.” Touched by those words, we knew it immediately: this dog just had to be our project representative.

And this is the reason why we now have a dog on all our internet profiles: our beloved Low-Profile Dog.

The Docs Chicken

It was a hot day on an island in the south. We were walking along a long, dusty road towards the sea. The sun was beating down from the sky, the air was shimmering in the heat of the midday. Suddenly we heard a strange noise. “Doc, doc, doc! Doooc, doc, doc!”, someone said behind us. We turned around. And there we saw it: a small, brown chicken, wandering along the road just a few meters behind us. It stood still and looked at us. “Doooc, doc, doc!”, it said, again. We slowly approached it, not sure what it wanted to tell us. “Doooc, doc, doc!” Then we realised the chicken had a small bag with it. It opened the bag, rummaged around it and suddenly fished out – a blue Hoodie. The chicken put its wings into the sleeves, closed the zipper, put on the hood, stood up straight, raised its chin and looked at us proudly. “Doooc, doc, doc!”, it repeated, closed its bag and joined us on our way to the sea.

And then we understood: this chicken is one of us, and it is on a mission: to support us and everyone who wants to get involved into Hoodie. It is the Hoodie-Docs-Chicken.

The Blog Bear

In a shady pine forest, close to the shore, a bear ambled slowly across a carpet of pine needles.

She stopped, sat back on her haunches, with a little picnic basket next to her. She opened the lid of the basket, took out a slice of strawberry cheesecake, and hooked out a green hoodie. Carefully she slipped her big paws into the sleeves and pulled a little red pencil from one pocket and a spiral-bound notebook from the other.

This was no ordinary bear. No, this was a bear with a lot to say and a lot to convey. The first Wednesday of every month you’ll find her hosting the BIT (Bears in Tech) breakfast with her buddies Baloo, Yogi, Paddington and Iorek Byrnison. She aspires to inspire and empower animals of all species: chickens, dogs, alpacas and more to contribute to making the web a better place. She’s got her ear to the ground and her paw on the pulse; always networking, making connections and gathering information.

Putting up the hood she turned to address us and in a gentle growl she asked, “What would the API of your dreams look like?” We knew we had found our Blog Bear.

The Development Beaver

With barely a ripple, a beaver surfaced at the lake’s edge. They glanced around, filled with pride: this carefully-maintained lake was their creation, their beloved home.

Making their way up the shore, they took measured steps along the tightly packed sand. They rummaged under a nearby rock for a moment before emerging with a trusty red toolbox. With a practiced tap of their claws, the box sprang open. Inside, a treasure trove of neatly arranged tools lay beside a crisply folded hoodie.

After a quick shake to dry their fur and a crisp zzzzzip into the hoodie, they tapped their tail in excitement: it was time to work. Tightly clutching a sharpened stick in their dainty paws, they began to sketch quickly in the sand. Diagrams, project ideas, problems they still needed to fix...

As we approached, they sat back on their haunches, absentmindedly sharpening the drawing stick with their claws. Glancing up, they caught sight of us, flashed a toothy grin, and raised a paw in welcome. We waved back, greeting our new friend and builder extraordinaire, the Development Beaver.