TGIF, the Los Angeles edition: TGIF (99)

posted by Machiko

TGIF! – TGIF, or Viernes, or 金曜日 from Pacific Standard Time, Los Angeles, Calif. We went on hiatus last week where some people celebrated a three-day weekend with Labor Day on Monday.

This week TGIF is back and curated for you by Machiko. We wanted to give you something to read, watch and install for the weekend, with an emphasis on projects coming out of LA.


Something to read

From the bike lanes and bus routes of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Erick Huerta, writes about the impact of internet access and community for the past 10 years on his journey of documenting his status as an undocumented young person in the United States.

We think our technical experience is important, but we think our community experience is more important. We know what goes wrong when organizations say one thing and do another, or when they refuse to say anything at all. Reaction Commerce’s Diversity Statement

Some documentation: Sara Hicks, co-founder of open source e-commerce platform Reaction Commerce, brings her experience from way back in 1997, organizing the community of GeoCities. Check out their blog.

Malina Tran, urban planner and avid college campus organizer turned software engineer, on building and scaling teams.

Matthew Manos, who started a consultancy in LA called that gives away half of its design services away to local non-profits, has a new book out called Future Impact. How can your business “give-half” of its work away for free?

Often times as developers we see funding open source as a charity. We will give our personal money to projects we believe in. If we’re lucky, our company might have a matching program for our donations. This has proven not to be a sustainable way to support open source. Eric Holscher, Funding Open Source with Marketing Money

Something to watch

Watch Jon Schleuss, journalist and developer, and Omar Ureta, architect and developer, both mapping enthusiasts in Los Angeles, talk about how they taught people all over the city to contribute building data to OpenStreetMaps at the latest State of the Map conference. Video: Let’s Get LA on the Map and transcript.

This video on Why you should talk to strangers.

Donald Glover’s latest project, a television program called Atlanta, has its first episode up on YouTube now.

Something to install:

How about trying an open source alternative to the many tools you use in your digital life everyday? Here are some suggestions:

  • Instead of Google Maps, try: on your Android or iPhone. Going somewhere without reception? Try downloading the OpenStreetMap-based maps of the local area. You can also add OSM data on the fly.

  • Instead of Google Hangouts, try JitsiMeet.

  • Instead of Google search, try DuckDuckGo.

On building a (presidential) design system. Introducting Pantsuit: The Hillary Clinton UI pattern library.


Meet the Hoodie community at one or more of these fine events:

GitHub Universe, September 13-15, San Francisco (CA), US

Software Craftsmanship of North America, October 21-22, Los Angeles (CA), US

Offline Camp: West Coast Edition, November 4-7, Santa Margarita (CA), US

Node Interactive US, November 29-December 2, Austin (TX), US

NodeConf Budapest, January 20, Budapest, Hungary

Events from our friends

NationJS Browser Day, September 12, Washington, D.C., US

Northeast Javascript Conference, September 15-16, Stamford (CT), US

JSConf Colombia, October 7-8, Medellín, Colombia

NodeConf EU, October 16-20, Kilkenny, Ireland

Node.js Italian Conference, October 22, Desenzano, Italy

dotJS, December 5, Paris, France

CSSConf and JSConf Australia, November 30-December 2, North Melbourne, Australia

We <3

Photo: Volleyball or surfing?

Things native English speakers know, but don’t know we know. This chart shows how many people around the world use the internet.

“This had the potential to be big”: an interview with #wocintechchat.

If gaming has taught me anything it is that this cat has a side quest for me.

Have a nice weekend!