All Sea Lions: TGIF! (49)

posted by Lena

Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday, and here are our reading recommendations, curated for you by Julia and Lena for your weekend. Enjoy!

Open Source

AngularJS 1.3 is out

While we’re at it: The Top 10 Mistakes Angular users make

Nominations for the next Women in Open Source Award are open (until Nov 21)


The Designer’s Guide to dpi

Alex Sexton: Peachpuffs and Lemonchiffons – A talk about CSS colours given at the CSSConfUS

Organization for creative entrepreneurs

Naming fonts: Scrambled eggs and serifs

Tips for creating accessible SVGs

The Setup: with Karolina Szczur

The Web and Development

Accessibility and inclusion are broad topics. Think beyond screenreaders and colour blindness (but don’t forget them) — Baking in Accessibility

On time-lock encryption

Our industry has been infected by a dangerous meme, and it’s one that hasn’t been given its proper scrutiny. Like many memes that explode in popularity, “Worse is Better” gave a name to an underlying fragment of culture or philosophy that had been incubating for some time. – Worse is worse

Philip Roberts: What the heck is the event loop anyway? (JSConf EU 2014 talk video)

Our picture of surveillance needs to factor in not just tech developments, but the cultural standards that have bred surveillance, especially towards black culture, as part and parcel in our world. – Everyone watches, nobody sees: how black women disrupt surveillance theory

Move fast, don’t break your API

Human interaction has always fascinated me: social awkwardness, communication style, how knowledge is transferred, how relationships are built around trust, story telling and knowledge exchange. What if a machine invoked an emotional response? – Creating a Chat Bot

The Tech World and Culture

The Unsafety Net: How Social Media turned against women

Kathy wrote an article explaining why she was leaving Twitter and it tore me up inside so I began tweeting Wednesday night, October 8th, 2014, about my experiences last year after PyCon when I became the target of a massive, organized harassment campaign planned in the underbelly of 4chan – Telling My Troll Story Because Kathy Sierra Left Twitter

No, Software is not “sexy”, “guys” is not a gender-neutral term and your mom is not a good example for non-technical people: Ways men in tech are (unintentionally) sexist

Astounding the number of dudes who think a woman game developer being harassed has nothing to do with a movement founded to harass women. – My thoughts this morning on GamerGate

When you work in a male-dominated industry and you happen to have breasts, you do get treated a little differently. – Why I’m Sick To Death Of Being A ‘Woman In Tech’.

The Linux community is dominated by western, white, straight, males in their 30s and 40s these days. I perfectly fit in that pattern, and the rubbish they pour over me is awful. I can only imagine that it is much worse for members of minorities, or people from different cultural backgrounds, in particular ones where losing face is a major issue. – A Fish rots from the head down

Just when you think it can’t get any worse: Feminist Game Critic Cancels Talk After Death Threats

There’s a culture war happening right now. It’s happening in games, in film, in journalism, in television, in fiction, in fandom. It’s happening online, everywhere. And everywhere, sexists, recreational misogynists and bigots are losing. – Why We’re Winning: Social Justice Warriors and the New Culture War

[TW: misogyny, violence, harassment] #GamerGate Trolls aren Ethics Crusaders; they’re a Hate Group

My name is Brianna Wu. I am a software engineer, a popular public speaker and an expert in the Unreal engine. Today, I’m being targeted by a delusional mob called ‘Gamergate.’ – It happened to me

The Business

Some problems can best be solved through talking about it. Short but sweet: On One-sided problem solving

Why do you want to manage people?

Yup, she broke the rules of the YC Incubator, but here’s a story about being a founder as well as a mom and the stuff that goes along with it: “My story is for anyone who has dreamed about running their own startup but feel like they don’t fit the archetype. Guess what? You do. You are the modern day startup founder.”

How do you sniff out culture smells and determine if a company’s work environment will be toxic to you? – Getting hired without getting burned: sniffing for culture smells

How much should you charge?

The following is a set of “everyday” things you can do, starting immediately. They are easy. They almost certainly require a behavior change. They will make a difference — I know they did for me. – Fostering a better work environment for women

We <3

Kindness is the way to go. Not only does it make the world better, people might also find you more attractive, if you are kind (assuming, this kind of thing matters to you).

You know that large parts of our modern tech are based on the work of women, right? Here’s to The forgotten female programmers who created modern tech

10 Things You Need to Learn to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

Hacking a Billboard on a Skyscraper: What’s up, Hong Kong?

Consulting for men who have better things to do than educate themselves about feminism: The Womansplainer

to the best of the best part is that it would mean the absolute world to me – iOS Autocomplete song

Live in anticipation, gathering stories and memories. New research builds on the vogue mantra of behavioral economics. – Buy Experiences, not things

This week was Ada Lovelace Day. How much do you really know about women in science and technology? Find it out with this quiz!


I am convinced that reading the news is worse than not reading anything at all. There is no proof that it makes us wiser, better decision makers, better informed, better citizens; nothing — if anything, entirely the opposite. – Why I stopped reading / hearing / watching the News

Have a nice weekend!