Bridge tricks in the stack with chicken pants: TGIF (98)

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TGIF! – Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday, and again it’s time for our weekly reading recommendations, prepared to help you get some good reading time on your weekend. This week they’re curated for you by Jenn. Enjoy!

Open Source

Hoodie is looking for TGIF contributors!

When I started, I had so many questions and fears (like most people). How exactly do I get started? What can I even do? It seems as if everything is going smoothly without my help? Which project should I contribute to? And what if they don’t like me?

Henry Zhu, #OSSThanks + some thoughts

Check out this Fullstack Q&A with Andrea Kao

Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure

This Week in Tessel: The Busy Summer Issue!


Dirty Tricks From The Dark Corners Of Front-End

Having a clear cut definition of your problem and target audience is like having a solid foundation to build a house on. Without it, you risk designing a “shaky” or poorly defined product and set yourself up for going off course.

Jon Lee, Four Things Learned from a Design Critique with Facebook

Redesigning Pinterest, block by block

The Web and Development

Where in the Stack is Carmen Sanfrancisco?

TC-39, the standards body that defines JavaScript, maintains a gigantic suite of tests for the language. The name of that test suite is Test262. When we started extending Test262 to cover brand new language features, we knew we were in for some surprises. Even so, we never could have anticipated the horrors we would uncover.

Mike Pennisi, Test262 is a JavaScript Sideshow

Offline content with service workers

The Tech World and Culture

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: The Privacy Debate is On

Feminist Frequency’s Bound Review

Some questions for those who are cheering Gawker’s demise


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The Business

How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75%

Culture is not one big thing. It’s lots of small things. And lots of small things add up to a big thing. It is not a mission statement stuck on a wall. It is not a cool coffee machine. It is the things you do, and always do, that add up the whole thing. It is action and not words.

Build A Culture Around People, Not A Nice Office.

You Might Be Undermining Your Diversity Efforts Without Even Knowing It

We <3

Photos: the authentic poses of NYC hip-hop culture in the 1980s

3 Ways My Parents Unintentionally Taught Me That My Consent Didn’t Matter

I’m going to go in chronological order so you might begin to glimpse the tonnage and why what many white folks might feel is a “Where did all of this come from?” moment in society has been festering individually and collectively for the LIFETIME of pretty much every black or brown person living in America today regardless of wealth or opportunity.

Lori Lakin Hutcherson, What I Told My White Friend When He Asked For My Black Opinion On White Privilege

The Makeup Industry’s Frustrating Cycle of Struggle and Progress for Women of Color

A political party for the whole world — and you’re invited to join

Chicken Wearing Pants Running around Is Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

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