Choose Your Own Adventure: FLOSS Weekly interview with Hoodie

posted by Samantha

Floss Weekly

Yesterday, Jenn Turner and Jan Lehnardt joined the FLOSS Weekly podcast to chat with host Randal Schwartz about Hoodie.

Jan explained how, based on the concept of ‘offline first’, Hoodie allows frontend developers to create rapid prototypes without being slowed down by complex backend issues. Apps running on Hoodie keep everything neatly synced, so that work is updated and accessible even when offline. Jan talks about how he and co-creator Gregor Martynus made a conscious choice to use asynchronous storage APIs with realtime updates. In fact, Hoodie uses the same mentality as offline email, but for apps.

Another value that Hoodie holds dear is a strong commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and making Open Source accessible to everyone. A lot of projects say they aim for the same thing, but Hoodie really goes the extra mile to welcome newbies. For example, on the site you can find practically a whole zoo’s worth of cute animal characters, giving Hoodie that ultra-friendly and approachable vibe. As Jan said: “It’s less README, more Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Unlike most Open Source projects, Hoodie includes a full editorial section, so non-developers can get involved by contributing blog posts, interviews, and stories. Jenn said: “I don’t know of many other projects actively looking for writers. Our long term goal is to make sure our docs are super clear so people can jump in at any point. This opens up the project to many types of contributors.”

Check out the whole episode to hear Jan and Jenn talk in-depth about Hoodie’s technical bits, the project’s future goals, and how you can get involved. Or head to to get started right now.