Contributing to Hoodie

posted by Charlotte


My name is Charlotte and I’m going to tell you about contributing to Hoodie. I am a self-taught web developer who has been programming for around nine months. Which means that in comparison to most people, I have much less experience. Despite this I’ve made a handful of contributions to Hoodie and I’m going to show you how you can do it too.

Most of my contributions were to the Hoodie documentation. To some, documentation isn’t as important as code. But, I believe that using Hoodie or any other framework would be much more complicated without it! Not only is documentation useful, but working on it is a great way to learn about a project.

So, how can you help improve the Hoodie documentation?

First things first: have enthusiasm about the project! Work is much easier when you’re having fun. Then, start to read. A good way to find things to improve is to read documentation like you have no prior knowledge of the project. In my case, I didn’t! All I knew before was a little bit about offline first after watching Ola’s talk — Say Hello to Offline First. Going in with a blank slate helps you spot things that you can explain in a better way.

When you have found something you think that you can improve, it’s time to edit it. For this you will need to have a GitHub account. Each part of Hoodie corresponds to a project on GitHub. You can find the main website project here and the project for documentation here.

Say you have found a typo on the homepage.

Mispelt Documentation That ‘z’ doesn’t really exist on the home page!

As you are looking at the homepage you need to go to the project folder for the main website. Find the page within the project that corresponds to the homepage and click the pencil (edit) icon. This will copy the project to your own account where you can make edits without affecting the original project.

Making Edits to Hoodie's Documentation

Once you have finished editing you can submit this change to your project and ask the team to put it into the original project. To do this, you need to make a “pull request”.

Creating a Pull Request

When you have made your pull request, the Hoodies will review your changes. If it is accepted, congratulations on your first contribution to the project!

An accepted pull request

If you need any advice on your contribution you can ask in the Hoodie slack channel. I learned to include information in my pull requests that would help the team understand my changes.

Once I submitted some requests I found that I had a better understanding of Hoodie and was then able to submit a code change to the FAQ project. Now, I need one of the Hoodies to make loads of spelling mistakes so I can have some fun fixing them :).