Emotional Automakers in Upstate New York: TGIF (92)

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TGIF! – Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday, and again it’s time for our weekly reading recommendations, prepared to help you get some good reading time on your weekend. This week, they’re curated for you by Jenn, enjoy!

Open Source

This Automaker Just Joined IBM and Google as a Patron of Open-Source Software

Upstate New York, 1883 is an odd place to start a blog on Open Source Intelligence. It was here that one of intelligence’s most influential figures was born. Cameron Colquhoun, A Brief History of Open Source Intelligence

22 open source tools for creatives


Improving Color on the Web, WebKit blog

How Polaroid Makes an Interactive Embed, Embedly Notes

If you’re stuck, don’t just sit there and stare at a blank screen, but look out into the world for something that sparks your imagination. Keep track of things that make you go “wow” by logging them into a spreadsheet, pinning them to a board on Pinterest or bookmarking them. At times when you feel at a loss you’ll be able to go back to those points of inspiration and get rolling again. Simple Design Tips & Tools for Non-Designers from JUST™ Creative

The Web and Development

HyperTerm, JS/HTML/CSS Terminal

The latest episode of NodeUp with Brian LeRoux is brilliant

When programmers at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory set out to develop the flight software for the Apollo 11 space program in the mid-1960s, the necessary technology did not exist. They had to invent it. The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule, via Quartz

WebKit is ES6 100%, but there’s more to the story. Read how the JSC team kept high-performance for new ES6 features.

To me, this Mutex abstraction and this last example in particular show off the real power of promises. By separating business logic from control flow, by treating pending results as values, they enable the creation of generic constructs for solving concurrency problems. They let you write code that concisely describes the concurrent structure of a problem, without having to explicitly specify when each operation should happen. You’re describing the problem constraints, and the abstractions make sure everything is correctly ordered. James Coglan (the Jimi Hendrix of JavaScript), Mutexes and JavaScript

Enabling Secure HTTP for BBC Online

CouchDB 2.0.0 Release candidate is here and here’s how you can get started.


New Research Suggests Dark Energy Might be the Reason Time Runs Forward. Physicists just found a link between dark energy and the arrow of time.

The Tech World and Culture

Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure

I am a Black woman who will graduate with a computer science degree from Dartmouth College in less than a year. There are thousands of other Black and Latinx who graduate every year with computer science Bachelor degrees. Most of us don’t get hired into the tech industry. So instead of putting in the effort to look for us, Facebook is ignoring the fact that we even exist. Kaya Thomas, Invisible Talent

How Sexist Language Hurts Men

The Business

I have an advantageous starting point. After all, I’m a well-off, white, cis, straight woman. It’s easier for me to meet the arbitrary criteria. For this reason, I call myself minimum bar diversity. I am the least diverse person you can hire, but since I’m a woman, I still “count” as diverse. Plus I make you feel comfortable because I can hit that invisible bar. Minimum bar diversity. Ellen Chisa, “Minimum Bar” Diversity via Medium

How We Replaced Salary Negotiations with a Sinatra App from RedDotRubyConf 2016

10 things I wish I knew on my first day at Google

Summer Book Recommendations from the Smartest People We Know from First Round Review


Meet the Hoodie community at one or more of these fine events:

npm camp, July 30, Oakland (CA), US

Cascadia Fest August 3-5, Semiahmoo (WA), US

JSConf Iceland August 25, Reykjavik, Iceland

Events from our friends

Open Source and Feelings, July 22-23, Seattle (WA), US

JSConf China, September 3-4, Nanjing, China

NationJS Browser Day, September 12, Washington, D.C., US

Northeast Javascript Conference, September 15-16, Stamford (CT), US

JSConf Colombia, October 7-8, Medellín, Colombia

ffconf 2016, November 10-11, Brighton, United Kingdom

JSConf Buenos Aires November 29, Buenos Aires, Argentina

CSSConf Australia & JSConf Australia, November 30 - December 1, Melbourne, Australia

We <3

Letters for Black Lives, An Open Letter Project on Anti-Blackness

My white friends and I rarely discussed race. We were care free children after all. We were much more concerned with bike riding, mischief, and PlayStation. But when we did discuss race, my friends would always reassure me that the casual racism and discrimination I experienced was just the ignorance of few. Terrance Thomas, We Were Never Friends, We Just Grew Up Together, via ExtraNewsfeed

This Statue for a Chinese Warrior Is Very Probably the Most Badass Statue Ever

Emotions are fraught and even if my insights are rationally defensible, they will do no good. I have at least enough social intelligence to recognize that the debates are at least as much about what people are feeling as they are about the intellectual merit of the ideas being expressed. It took a little longer for me to recognize that my urge to participate was born of emotion as well. Doug Masson, We are more emotional than we care to admit

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. A video from Prince Ea.

💗 Emotional Expression on Steven Universe 💗

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