Every day a friday – TGIF! (32)

posted by Lena

Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday! The week’s (almost) over, and these are our reading recommendations, curated for you by Team Hoodie for your weekend or a lazy afternoon. Enjoy!

Für den Teil auf Deutsch bitte hier entlang :)

Open Source

Secondary indexes have landed in PouchDB

Being a committer does not mean you commit code, it means you are committed to the project.” <3 for this to The Apache Forrest Project

The CouchDB Weekly News are also out for last week. Find out about the ongoing discussion about the Code of Conduct and project by-laws here.


CSS Shapes 101

… let’s consider three apps which ought to concern anyone who hoped that the rising profile of design would produce better products, better businesses, better outcomes. – Designer Duds: Losing Our Seat at the Table

Offline First (Web) Apps – the slides from Alex’ talk at WebDirections Code 2014 are now online:

The Web

3 seconds or: a new approach to ping pong. Plus: bringin browser latency to Real Life

Burying the URL in Google Chrome

Net Neutrality is a Feminist Issue. Here’s Why.

Do you “choose” to have your privacy invaded by using tech?

The Tech World and Culture

A Week in the Life

No matter how bad it is to talk about, ignoring it is worse. – When Excellence isn’t enough

…On Why the Tech Industry Needs to Grow the Hell Up

How Helsinki Became the Most Successful Open-Data City in the World

The Business

One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush

Hiring isn’t enough.

The (good) Life

How to talk about women, as a man

Why names matter: The Naming of Things

Upcoming Hoodie- and Offline First-Talks next week (for details, see this post)

May 7: manc.js, Manchester, UK: meet Caolan and our dear friend Lewis who will be talking about Hoodie, do live-coding and explain how to get people involved into OSS projects. Our top recommendation for next week :)

May 10: codefront.io, Linz, Austria: two Hoodies one conference – Ola and Lena will be giving talks about Hoodie and Open Source culture at Austria’s amazing frontend develoment conference. If you wanna meet them there: grab a ticket! :)

We <3

Hamsters eating Burritos. Because they can.

PFUDORS. (Editor’s note: Yes, it’s a week that requires fluffy hamsters and unicorns. Sorry.)

Birds on the Wires

The Africa Hack Trip Movie is in the making and here’s how you can support it. And this – is the trailer:

Die Links der Woche

Open Source machen, Programmieren, Überwachen

Überwachung: Datenaskese wird uns nicht retten

Merkel reist in USA, um sich bei Obama für NSA-Skandal zu entschuldigen

Acht Mythen zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Die Kommunikationskultur im Netz hat Ähnlichkeiten mit der sozialen Kontrolle in ländlichen Gegenden, alles wird gesehen, alles wird kommentiert. Für die Freiräume von Subkulturen ist kein Platz. Die sind aber nötig, damit neue Ideen entstehen und ausprobiert werden können. – Zurück aufs Dorf?

Mathematiker ruft zum Geheimdienst-Boykott auf

Studie: Softwarebranche kämpft mit Nachwuchssorgen

Und sonst so

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Have a nice weekend!