Here comes the sun, here comes the Hoodies: Hoodie Offsite #2

posted by Lena

Note: all pictures in this post (except #4 and #38) were taken by Lena Reinhard and are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

The year is 2014. Europe is entirely occupied by Winter.

Well, not entirely …


One small island in the Atlantic Ocean still holds out against the cold. And seven people, armed with laptops, whiteboards and post-its, have arrived: to fight the wind, to embrace the sun, and to bring their beloved project further along …


Hoodie is still manufactured by a remotely-working team. Thus, these offsites are very important for us: they’re the only time in the year when we all meet in person.

201419_1518 201419_1949-Edit 201419_1116 201419_2002-2 And like last time, we had a fantastic time together. But we were even more productive than during offsite number one.

201419_1234 201419_1984 After everyone had landed safely, we took a look around our house and did the first shopping tour (one of many to follow – you won’t believe how much food and water seven people need). The next morning, we sat together after breakfast and decided to try out another system for timeboxing: pomodoros. We talked about the topics we already had collected the weeks before, decided who would join the debates and development rounds and which deliverables we’d aim for, wrote everything on post-its, sticked them to our wall and gave it a go.

201419_0357 And, wow, we did a lot. We started and finished our work on 24 main- and 20 subtopics, some of them one, others two or three pomodoros.

201419_0388 On some of them, we worked on in smaller groups of 2-4, others were discussed by the entire team sitting on our terrace looking at the sea (and our notebooks on the table).

201419_0400 Others were good for a discussion with everyone sitting on the couch in the evening, having a can of ginger beer. And some could even be gotten done during board meetings – in the pool.

“It’s not allowed to work after swimming.”“That’s why I went into the pool so early.”

Well, and besides, we shipped an entire app. After GitHub’s announcement of better organizations, we spent an afternoon building an app for an even better view over organizations’ activities: the birth of Ubersicht.

201419_1917 And we talked a lot. This time, we were seven people (last time just five), so it was a good time to get to know especially our new team members better. When you’re used to working without the presence of other people, it’s a very new feeling to just see them all day, (almost) all night. An amazing one, if you ask me.

201419_1130 201419_0617 “This won’t look good.” – “HackerNews doesn’t look good either!”

We had again reserved some time for the fun parts: playing beachvolleyball (it was beachvolleyball, even though it didn’t always look like).

201419_1121 Going for a walk down to the lighthouse.

201419_2114 Cooking and eating together.

201419_2376 201419_0332


201419_0369 Sitting on a rock and watching the waves.

201419_2354 Drinking together.

201419_2107 201419_2404

Looking at the sky and stars at night.

201419_2384 Discussing which island(s) we could see from our terrace (spoiler: Fuerteventura it was).

201419_1908-2 Painting a Hoodie-Flag which will accompany us on our trips from now on.


201419_0582 201419_0586 Making an excursion around the island.

201419_1233 Standing right above the ocean, watching the whitecaps.

201419_1229 Standing in the ocean.

201419_0474 Hiding in the rocks.

201419_0533 201419_0537

Walking along sandy beaches.


Watching sunsets.

201419_0433 201419_0461 Lying in the pool and being awesome.

201419_1946-2 Having a picnic in the dunes.


Hiding from the wind (and the bright sunlight).

201419_0348 And, as last time, there was lots of “me-time” for everyone.

201419_0316-Edit This time we often used for just having some time alone.

201419_0623 And, of course, there was lots of hacking time.

201419_2012 201419_2015


“Can you invite me?” – “I don’t know. Can we trust you?”

So, which impact did Offsite number two have on Hoodie as a project?

201419_2006 First, of course, it brought the team much closer together.

201419_1923-2 201419_1908 It was a very good time to define the project’s and each member’s personal goals.

201419_1252 A time for heart-to-heart talk, having coffee together in the hammock and bringing up new ideas while laying besides the pool or walking along the beach.

201419_1501 201419_1159

 As experienced during last offsite, this week spent together usually has a long-lasting impact on the way we collaborate – it takes us closer together as a team, and reminds us of why we’re all working on this project (and how). It helps us set priorities, both personally and as a team, and thus this time can’t be valued enough.

“Where’s it hosted?” – “In Sheffield.”

The second, very important thing is that we shipped a lot.


Especially very complex topics or those which are about philosophy and long-term ideas and impact, are often easier when discussed in person. There’s always a huge impact on this side of our offsites’ effects, because it leads not only to new repos, issues and commits, but also to an update of Hoodie’s “big picture” and all those small steps leading to it.

The first measurable impact of all this will be published in the next months – and there’s a lot more things to come.

201419_0344 201419_2109 We still got a long way to go.
And we’re very much looking forward to going it with you.


Team Hoodie

201419_2080 ____

All pictures in this post (except #4 and #38) were taken by Lena Reinhard and are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.