Meet Development Beaver

posted by Jenn

If you’re new to Hoodie, you might not yet be familiar with our animal friends. These animals, like Low-Profile Dog (or LPD, as some of us like to call him), the Docs Chicken and the Blog Bear all play a huge part in making the community fun and welcoming. These friends (plus a few more to be announced) were created by the very talented Carolina Buzio.

Please join us in welcoming our newest animal mascot to the Hoodieverse, captured perfectly by first time editorial contributor Annabeth Carroll.

Welcome our latest animal friend: Development Beaver

Dev Beaver

With barely a ripple, a beaver surfaced at the lake’s edge. They glanced around, filled with pride: this carefully-maintained lake was their creation, their beloved home.

Making their way up the shore, they took measured steps along the tightly packed sand. They rummaged under a nearby rock for a moment before emerging with a trusty red toolbox. With a practiced tap of their claws, the box sprang open. Inside, a treasure trove of neatly arranged tools lay beside a crisply folded hoodie.

After a quick shake to dry their fur and a crisp zzzzzip into the hoodie, they tapped their tail in excitement: it was time to work. Tightly clutching a sharpened stick in their dainty paws, they began to sketch quickly in the sand. Diagrams, project ideas, problems they still needed to fix…

As we approached, they sat back on their haunches, absentmindedly sharpening the drawing stick with their claws. Glancing up, they caught sight of us, flashed a toothy grin, and raised a paw in welcome. We waved back, greeting our new friend and builder extraordinaire, the Development Beaver.