Mozilla <3s Hoodie

posted by Jan

Team Hoodie is proud to announce that Mozilla is supporting Hoodie with a $25,000 donation. Mozilla has interest in Hoodie with their Appmaker initiative. The donation will ensure that Hoodie development will commence faster and some early goals are support for Persona authentication in Hoodie, as well as a Docker-based “Hoodie as a Service” setup. In the spirit of both Mozilla and Hoodie, all this work will be available as Open Source software.

We couldn’t be more happy about this. Mozilla are a huge inspiration for Hoodie the software and us individually and it is a great privilege to work with such a great team and receive their support. Oh, and by the way, the whole Offline First initiative and blog post came out of the Appmaker team inviting Alex and Jan to Mozfest, so yeah, this is going to be great!