People, time and a room with a view: developing Hoodie further

posted by Lena

The very beginning of Hoodie was about 18 months ago. Since then, many things have changed, and even more have since it’s been officially presented for the first time half a year ago. So it was good to take some people, some time, and a room with a view: a house in Brandenburg, one of the least populated German regions. It was a very good place for a Hoodie-week:

room with a view – for changing habits and perspectives

perspectives – for thinking about how Hoodie can be developed further, where its way could lead.

future starts now – For finding out which supporters, contributors, cute animals,

cute animals – which tools and vehicles,

living room – which technical components

what it takes to make good pizza (and software) – and which approaches may be the best for making Hoodie succeed.

ingredients The great aim behind Hoodie is to focus on people. Caring for them, encouraging, enabling them and giving them the tools they need to build their own dreams and projects and make good ideas come alive is one of the major purposes.

people first This also means hiding away its complex technical background and making Hoodie like a beautiful, wide living room that people can use for their purpose, a room where they can stay and relax and do the things they really like and love.

living room Hoodie is and will always be an Open Source Project. And just like playing badminton all alone is not really funny,

badminton also Hoodie will always be a community project where it won’t be about having one person or small group making decisions for everyone, but many people who take part in and benefit from it.

community Hoodie shall (and hopefully will) grow through the knowledge, love, time and effort many people with various backgrounds put into it — attracting more people to join the community and keeping the passion for Hoodie burning.

fire Now, there are a lot of things to do.

Hoodie to dos But we’re highly motivated.

getting it done The prospects are great.

good prospects And Hoodie is fun.

Hoodie Offsite So let’s get it started! We’d be glad if you join us.

getting started And we’re sure: still the best is yet to come.