Greeting from RGSOC 2016 team Rookies :D

posted by Tehetena & HyeSoo

Hey, we are Tehetena and HyeSoo from team Rookies. We named our team ’Rookies’ because we wanted to keep our beginner’s mind throughout the RGSOC journey. We live in Helsinki, Finland. We are studying information technology and we love to learn new technologies. We joined the Rails Girls Summer of Code and it has been an amazing experience.

Team Rookies and Hoodie project with Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSOC)

Team Rookies, Tehetena and Hyesoo

We’re team Rookies, Tehetena and HyeSoo! (Image: Tehetena Masresha and HyeSoo Park)

We started working on the Hoodie desktop application project. For making it, we’ve been working on UI/UX for the application and learning how to use Git, Node, localStorage and APIs to implement functionalities.

Gregor is our project mentor. Esko, Omid and Musse are our coaches, and Pilar is our project supervisor.

Check out our video greeting. :D

Kick-off meeting with mentor, coaches

Rookies team in the center, from the bottom left are Esko, Gregor, Omid and Pilar.(Image: Pilar Huidobro)

We’re team Rookies!!!

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Tehetena: I am a second year student at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences majoring in Mobile Solutions. I have attended a couple of meetings organized by the Rail Girls community in Finland. All the meetings have helped me meet new people and learn from their priceless knowledge. Our team even ended up having a volunteer coach we met at one of the those events. I would not dare to call myself a very sociable person before, but now I have developed my skills of communication. I am sometimes scared to ask questions or explain things in my head the way I wanted, but during this summer I can say I have completely avoided all those bad behaviours and became more confident and happy. I have studied different programming languages at school. This summer I actually got to test and teach myself way more than I could have even expected.

HyeSoo: I study Information Technology, focusing on Mobile Solutions. Previously, I worked at an online retail company as a web designer in South Korea. While I was working as a web designer, I wanted to learn how to build an application using the images I had designed. Soon after, I was able to come to Finland to study IT. I met many friends from all over the world and was able to learn many new technologies and IT concepts while working on hands-on practices. This year, I worked on several school projects such as making an Android chat app, Android RSS reader app, a media sharing application, and an IOS indoor positioning app as part of my mobile solution curriculum. It was fun to learn how to come up with creative ideas as a team. While I was working on the school project, I realized my interest lies in making an interactive, creative fun web application and mobile application.

Thanks to the Rails Girls coach’s invitation, I was able to join the Helsinki Rails Girls meetup last year. In 2015, I attended the Rails Girls workshop. It was an exciting chance to meet like-minded people, to share and expand our knowledge and experience. I also met one of our coaches from the RG Helsinki meetup.

It has been an amazing summer working on the Hoodie desktop application with mentors and coaches. I have been learning not only the programming, but also passion and wisdom from them. The support from the RGSOC community, Hoodie mentors, and coaches encouraged me to move on to the next step of the project. This summer, I would like to learn more and grow as a person while contributing to the project.

What we’ve achieved so far

When we started the project, we had low self confidence. Even though we have taken classes on different programming languages, when it comes to working with it we always thought that we did not have all the knowledge it took to complete the task. Now we have understood that every working experience is a great opportunity to teach ourselves new things every day.

  • The very first lesson we learned was Git. We have done several school projects that we have managed to save and clone project repositories on Git, but after we have started working on the Hoodie desktop application, there have been many challenges. At first, we did not know how to propose issues, pull request, fetch from remote, rebase and so on, and we were confused with the concept between local and remote. With our mentor Gregor’s help and many trials & errors, we now have better understanding of how the Github actually works and how it is used in our project and also when many contributors are working on the same project.

  • Other than using Github, we have also learned a lot on UI building and how to implement functionalities on the application, using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We learned how to use event listener, event target, .map, .forEach and localStorage. Especially, using localStorage and making API were very interesting. We followed the tutorials which were made by Gregor. It was very helpful and easy to follow. After practicing the code with tutorials, we had a call to solve the problems together and had a Q&A session. We have a call almost every day. It has been really helpful and given us deeper insight on how coding can be applied in the application and how we can use it in the desktop application with Electron framework.

This is our repository of Hoodie desktop application.

Support from a mentor and coaches

Sometimes there were some problems which took longer time to solve, but our skilled coaches: Omid, Esko, and Musse, and mentor Gregor, taught us different ways to solve them, and most of the time the new approaches were even easier and clearer to understand. The mentors’ and coaches’ guidance helped us experiment on different coding practices we came across online.

First meeting with Coaches in Helsinki, Finland

From left, Tehetena, Omid, Esko and Hyesoo.(Image: Tehetena Masresha and HyeSoo Park)

Our next journey and our hope

Lastly, we would like to share some happy news with the Hoodie community. A newborn baby joined our journey! HyeSoo delivered a baby just 3 weeks ago. We hope that the baby will bring happiness to our project and our team. We also hope that we can make a useful Hoodie desktop application for the users. Thank you for welcoming us and providing us a wonderful chance to join Hoodie project!

Happy Summer and happy coding! ;D

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