Shoutouts Week 24

posted by Gregor

Shoutouts have been long overdue for over a month now, so this is going to be a longer one. Even with Finn’s great tool to gather all contributions, it’s still a lot of manual work. But fear not, new tools are coming <3

New Open Source Contributors

First and foremost, we are proud to welcome 4 first-time Open Source contributors to Hoodie! Here is to many contributions to come 🍾🎉

New Contributions to Hoodie

We also welcome these great people who contributed to Hoodie for the first time:

Thanks to our maintainers, who review all kinds of new contributions before they make their way to our code, documentation or website <3

Special thanks

Cody implemented username change which turned out to be tricky, thanks a lot!

Aaron put a lot of work to create hoodie-admin, Hoodie’s new Admin Dashboard. Not much to see yet, but the setup is there and people can jump in to add more functionality and styling.

James run into issues with cross-origin requests and resolved them with great pull requests. He also brought us Improved argv/environment options and started working on re-enabling plugins for Hoodie! Keep up the great work!

If you are into web development you most likely heard about Progressive Web Apps by now. Jan is thinking ahead, and started a blog series titled Beyond Progressive Web Apps.

Pawan interviewed Julia Simplicio.

Matt helped fixing our Jekyll setup of Hoodie’s documentation page via #210 and #211. And wile at it, fixed our syntax highlighting. Somebody’s on a roll :simple_smile:

Jenn runs the Editorial Team and makes sure we have our weekly TGIF and our monthly newsletter. Cecily is doing most of the work on gather all the links for your favorite weekend reading list. Thanks so much for your continuous, great work!

Gregor hosted events at OSCON, where he spoke about Welcoming Communities. Gregor also helped to coordinate our Camp Release, and created Hoodie Camp – the go-to place for (new) contributors and maintainers.

Jenn, Nathan and Nick organised several events around EmpireJS: Hoodie’s participation at the OSS Night, Meet the Hoodies on Saturday and our Hoodie Camp Release Party. Special thanks to for hosting our hackathon at their headquarters!

And shout out to Greenkeeper – our favorite bot! We could not ever keep all our packages secure and up-to-date without you <3 For example, only minutes after the release of PouchDB 5.4 we knew that we used undocumented APIs that now have been removed. We could resolve all problems before anyone run into them :)