Shoutouts Week 28 – Welcoming Backers & Sponsors

posted by Gregor

We do our best to follow a more regular schedule with our shout out blog posts, but we could use some help. :) We started documenting the workflow to create a blog post like this, it’s about two hours of work right now. If you know JavaScript / Node.js, you can also help us by improving our github-shoutouts CLI tool. Please get in touch.

If you are interested, there are many ways you can contribute. <3

Backers and Sponsors

Starting this month, you can contribute to Hoodie by becoming a personal backer or official sponsor on Hoodie’s OpenCollective Page.

We’d like to thank our very first backers:

And our very first sponsor:

  • – The best meeting tool since pen & paper!

New Contributors

We want to welcome our backers Eric, Jens, Justin, Pia and Stefan to the Hoodie community! As far as we can tell, your backing this month is also your first contribution to the Hoodie community, thanks so much, and welcome! <3

We also welcome

New Contributions to Hoodie

Thanks to our maintainers

Thanks to our maintainers, who review all kinds of new contributions before they make their way to our code, documentation or website <3

Special thanks

Our Editorial Team produced some great blog posts this month. If you haven’t yet, make sure to read Jan’s “Beyond Progressive Web Apps” series Part 1, 2 and 3. Gregor wrote on how we plan to grow a sustainable Hoodie Community.

Hoodie’s TGIF has become a central product of the Hoodie community, and we are proud to send a weekly list of recommended reads about Open Source, design, business, and more to our community and beyond. Thanks for keeping up the great work Cecily, Jenn, and everyone else who helped as needed.