A sweet break before the break: TGIF (102)

posted by Robert

Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday! This Friday’s little bit of knowledge, fascination, and fun is curated for you by Rob :)

Editors’ Note: A short hiatus

Last month I hopped on a call with Cecily, Gregor, and Jenn to discuss the future of TGIF, Hoodie’s lazy Friday afternoon read started by Lena in August 2013. After an hour-long chat with these amazing peeps we decided to take a step back and rethink how Hoodie’s weekly newsletter is created, delivered and promoted.

Some of the things we discussed were TGIF having its own platform (separate from the blog), opening each issue up to multiple contributors (one contributor per section), making TGIF more accessible (with an email subscription option), and reaching out to publishers of content we share (to spread awareness).

I’m grateful to be part of this project and look forward to making TGIF one of the most anticipated newsletters in open source and tech. Now for what you may have missed since TGIF 101…

Open Source

Obama’s Facebook Messenger bot is open source (whitehouse.gov)

Obama reads ten letters a day, but he can’t read em’ all, so he decided to scale responses with the Obama bot: a handy Drupal module that you or any government can use to build a chat bot on Facebook’s Messenger platform.

Microsoft open sources its next-gen cloud hardware design (techcrunch.com)

As part of the Open Compute Project (OCP) with members including Facebook, Google, and Intel, Microsft contributed its hardware designs - but in a slightly different way.

Open source alternative to EpiPen (vice.com)

Free medicine? Open source self-care? This short video shows you how you can make an “EpiPencil”

JS Foundation now part of Linux Foundation (linuxfoundation.org) 

The new JS foundation that features projects like Grunt and jQuery will benefit from the Linux Foundation’s guidance on quality, open governance, and healthy community development practices.


New release of Facebook design resources (medium.com/facebook-design) 

Designers from all departments inside Facebook have a strong desire to “give back,” putting in many extra hours to bring fellow designers resources like the iOS 10 GUI.

My plea to designers and software engineers: Ignore the fads and go back to the typographic principles of print — keep your type black, and vary weight and font instead of grayness. Kevin Marks on how the web became unreadable

What UX practitioners really think about journey mapping (nmgroup.com) 

48 UX pros were surveyed to offer a glimpse into how you can remove frustration from journey mapping and use it to incite change and product results.

How I learned to design for shoppers and celebrities (medium.com/uber-design)

Uber’s senior product designer Russell Wilkins illustrates design’s evolution in the conception-to-realization journey of starting a project (UberCENTRAL in this case) and ending up with something better than what you planned.

Web and Development

Open guide for Amazon Web Services (github.com) 

Contribute to, and learn from, this growing guide that aims to uncomplicate the products offered by the largest web services platform.

HTTPS considered act of terrorism by Scotland Yard (privateinternetaccess.com) 

The blogger allegedly had inhumane intentions, but the UK charging him for encrypting his blog is irresponsible.

Tech World and Culture

Tracy Chou forces Silicon Valley to show her the numbers (backchannel.com) 

Tech companies apply data-driven thinking to everything except their most obvious social failing: diversity.

Marco Marandiz is done pretending Silicon Valley tech is visionary (recode.net) 

Startups trying to find any avenue to revenue outnumber the ones trying to create something meaningful.


Career FOMO (rachsmith.com) 

A little lesson on how to make your career path the most scenic.

Why design graduates struggle in the workplace (blog.intercom.com) 

In this 32-minute podcast interview with Jared Spool, creator of UX design school Center Centre, the problem with university-level design programs is discussed.

Open source and business (changelog.com) 

David Cramer (CEO of Sentry) and Isaac Schlueter (CEO of npm) discuss different company approaches to developing open source projects.

Google discovers key to good teamwork (qz.com)

Google’s data-driven approach ended up highlighting what leaders in the business world have known for a while: just be nice.


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Janice Fraser’s talk about women in leadership

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