TGIF! (22): relaxed bingo-loving, compiled schnitzel secretly running the world

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 Für den Teil auf Deutsch bitte wie immer ein Stück herunterscrollen.

Hooray, another week is over – time for your Hoodie weekly links!

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The Tech Things

Offline Storage, improved: LocalForage

The women who are building the software that quietly runs the world: amazing women working on Linux

“The bug that we’re hacking is that women often get treated badly at tech meetups, and this makes people feel unsafe going to events.”Women-only spaces are a Hack

Making good hacks: a wiki on feminist hacker spaces and a great text on how to make your own.

“When compiled, BEER becomes a 1 in binary and SCHNITZEL becomes a 0.” – German. An esoteric programming language.

“NEVER try to save on keystrokes for identifiers. … Coders of the world, type it like it is.”Full names only

“If [working in the tech industry] is what you want, you can do it. If you’re curious and persistent, you can have the career you want in tech and no one can stop you.”Dear Marginalized People Coming Into Tech

Female Conference Speaker Bingo:

Female Conference Speaker Bingo  

The work

*“Relax.” *– On being new to a job: Ninety days

On companies on a Mission

We say goodbye to a compagnion: thank you and goodbye, Zootool

The life

“I hate the word ‘homophobia’. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re just an asshole.

“… We spend so very much of our time on these social networks, and there’s so much we can do to right the wrongs we’ve seen in other media, through simple, small actions. This one’s been a delightful and fun place to start.”The Year I didn’t Retweet Men

“As a programmer, I deeply understand the desire for and satisfaction of neatly structured data, and drop-downs make it easier on programmers to get that data. But you should design your product for humans, not databases.”The Case against Drop-down Identities

When random isn’t random enough: Lessons from an Online Poker Exploit

We <3

Voyager – a wonderful homage to a space mission:

Two Elephants, reunited after 20 years.

A house in the woods, taken over by wild animals:


Die Links der Woche

“Dem Hund muss es gutgehen, mein Leben läuft so nebenbei.”Bettler und ihre Hunde

“Ich hoffe, dass Ted Mosby stirbt.”

“Ist Ihnen schon mal aufgefallen, wie oft Heterosexualität zur Schau gestellt wird?” – Homophob? Muss nicht sein