TGIF! (23) Cherry-Picking, Codes of Conduct and Iroquis cat

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Für den Teil auf Deutsch bitte wie immer ein Stück herunterscrollen :)

Time for your Hoodie weekly links! This time on a thursday (for reasons).

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And there we go …


The people

“‘I can’t imagine what my neighbors think of me,’ he said dryly.” — A profile on Brian Krebs, the man behind Krebs on Security

“Contributing to open tech/culture is WAY more fun when we don’t have to put up with jerks!”How to design a code of conduct for your community.

And this is the code of conduct that Homebrew recently introduced.

The software

GitHub: Cherry-Picking commits from pull requests

User Onboarding is the process of getting your product to help its users be successful. Take a look at this collection of how popular web apps do it.

The business

“I never said it was a good plan for building software, but hey. Y’know. It’s a plan.”Complaint-driven development

The web

“But mostly I think it’s a result of the recognition that the Net is changing the relation of the person and what s/he publishes.”The Net is not a panopticon

Tim Berners-Lee: we need to re-decentralise the web

The life and the work

“Sunday nights in St. Petersburg are Rainbow Tea Party time. If you’re young and queer and hopeful, it’s the happiest way to end a weekend.” — Inside the Iron Closet: What It’s Like to Be Gay in Putin’s Russia

“The men I work with don’t see me as an outsider, but I do.” – Software Engineering Made a Woman Outta Me

In case you ever wondered: why is the mouse cursor slightly tilted and not straight?

Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space and first real astronaut to appear on Star Trek, discussing how humanity can only tackle monumental challenges “with [not] just half the population.” We agree:

We <3

Mohawk Cat:

Graffiti, complaining

Team Hoodie wishes you a good thursday!


Die Links der Woche auf Deutsch

“Deutsche, kauft deutsche Bananen!” — CSU fordert “deutsche Algorithmen”

“Hobby-Entwickler, dessen App 8x heruntergeladen wurde, wartet auf Angebot von Facebook.”

Vor ein paar Wochen war Alex zu Besuch beim Working Draft-Podcast und hat mit dem Team und Bastian Allgeier über Dezentralisierung und Hoodie gesprochen. Und weil das Gespräch so schön war und diese Folge mit über 24.000 Abrufen die bisher erfolgreichste Working Draft-Folge ist: wer es noch nicht getan hat, sollte jetzt unbedingt reinhören.

Stell dir vor …:

Schöne Restwoche noch!