TGIF! Hoodie’s top links of the week (1)

posted by Lena

Thank Grohl it’s Friday! As we’re all finding tons of good stuff on the internet every day, we thought it may be a good idea to collect and share it. So this is for you, for a good read on a lazy friday afternoon (we won’t tell your boss, we promise) or for enjoying them at the weekend.

On tuesday, W3C’s document “Web Storage”, serving as the industry standard for e.g. localStorage (used in Hoodie), became a final version.

Why developers should get out of the password business and start “Federating”.

Ross explaining why cool ideas are cool, but proof – effort and execution – does matter.

Got a beard, need the font that fits with it? Voilà: typography beard guide.

Collecting “nearly everything a user does on the internet”. Welcome to 1984, I mean, 2013. Welcome to NSA’s XKeyscore.

Bradley Manning’s leaks could not be linked with any deaths.

How come nearly everyone can be a jerk in online-communities from time to time.

A very personal post about “Making it Count” and notes on Harry‘s talk on Speak the Web Conference.

Searching for a great hack spot, or already found one? Take a look at this list and add yours!

Hoodie’s moving on. In a weekly-updated post we note down the steps we made – this one’s for last week.

Have a good weekend!