Trouble and Feminist Killjoys: TGIF! (48)

posted by Lena

Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday, and here are our reading recommendations, curated for you by Julia and Lena for your weekend. Enjoy!

Open Source

Maybe worth a try: Duo – package manager for the front-end Offline First applications (presentation slides)

Offline First Web Apps (presentation slides with notes)

Frances Hocutt on open and welcoming open source communities

Avoiding Burnout, and other essentials of Open Source Self-Care (talk video with slides)

we need to keep being the best people we can be, and that includes taking a moment to think about the effects your words and actions might have on the people who are exposed to them. — Unintentional destruction

Operating systems war story: How feminism helped me solve one of file systems’ oldest conundrums

Hoodie goes Austria: join us for a Hoodie Workshop during Barcamp Salzburg!


Making the best out of design limitations: how to transform Design Limitations into Design Success

A golden age of design

The Web and Development

Learning much JavaScript from one line of code

For all you webdesigners and web developers who have to explain it over and over again: the hidden costs in website projects

Move fast, break nothing

GitHub Student Developer Pack

The Tech World and Culture

We need to stop propagating the troll-driven meme that ‘it’s all just trollin’ and boohoo mean words you should cry more’ and start making the hard, fine-grained distinctions. — Trouble at the Koolaid Point

This pre-emptive strike against equality comes from a rightwing establishment that needs it pointing out to them that women haven’t won” — The backlash against feminism aims to preserve the ‘manosphere
Why women leave tech: it’s the culture

Yet for the rest of us, with visibility comes harassment, stalking, threats, loss of career opportunity and mobility, constant public humiliation, emotional and sometimes physical violence. – Internet Famous: Visibility as violence in Social Media

I am not leaving tech entirely. I like my job and being able to pay my bills. I am, however, leaving the community. – Life and Times of a Tech Feminist Killjoy: You Can’t Go Back & There’s No End in Sight

We should be building platforms to amplify the voices of women in tech, not to cater to the egos of men,” she said. “Men who want to help need to get the hell out of our way, basically. Because we’re coming. And we don’t need their support. – White male “allies” have surprisingly little to say about fixing broken tech culture

A related post: Male Allies and GHC (Grace Hopper Conference)

‘We Will Force Gaming to Be Free’ On GamerGate & the Licence to Inflict Suffering

Some Things I’m Tired Of Hearing From Men About Women in Tech

The Business

The most important skill for great Leaders: Trustworthiness

Networking to grow your career

At least someone on stage at Thursday morning’s keynote could speak honestly about the issues. Because, as we all know, karma doesn’t pay the bills.</span> – This is not good advice

High-tech pay gap: Minorities earn less in skilled jobs

We <3

If you haven’t time or energy to get yourself to a point that’s respectively ‘well read’ on the topic, then please at least avoid emitting any equivalences at all. Listen to such conversations but do not add your input. – False Equivalences

Oldie, but Goldie: This too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine

A wonderful short animation about the inevitability of everything: The Missing Scarf

Have a nice weekend!