We are the Hoodies

We are a community of many different people. Some of us are developers, others are non-coding experts. Some of us love coffee, others prefer tea or water; some of us like cheesecake, others love burritos, and some of us like robots.

What we have in common is that we all enjoy a good night’s sleep, and we all think that the web can only have a future if it's independent, decentralised and built in diverse communities. And we want Hoodie to do its part to turn this into reality. This is why we’re working on this Open Source project. Together, we are strong. Together, we are the Hoodie Community.


Portrait photo(black and white) of Alex Feyerke. Portrait photo(colour) of Alex Feyerke.
Frontend Developer / Designer

Alex Feyerke

Huge advocate for Offline First. Loves spending time with friends in parks, riding his bike and always enjoys a good bouldering session.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Gregor Martynus. Portrait photo(colour) of Gregor Martynus.
Frontend & Backend Developer

Gregor Martynus

Proud developer behind minutes.io and the most naturally enthusiastic person you could imagine. Enjoys a lot spreading the word about Hoodie.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Christoph Witzko. Portrait photo(colour) of Christoph Witzko.
Backend Developer & Operations Engineer

Christoph Witzko

Studies Business Information Systems and loves travelling. Docker enthusiast, Co-Founder of Greenkeeper and Co-Organizer of .concat().

Portrait photo(black and white) of Jan Lenhardt. Portrait photo(colour) of Jan Lenhardt.
Backend Developer

Jan Lehnardt

Long-term contributor to CouchDB, passionate about Open Source. Savors cheesecake and enjoys long tours with his bike.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Julia Simplicio. Portrait photo(colour) of Julia Simplicio.
UX Developer / Designer

Julia Simplicio

Design-focused developer helping to bring more designers to Open Source.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Kevin Lorenz. Portrait photo(colour) of Kevin Lorenz.
Frontend Developer / Designer

Kevin Lorenz

Passionate about good design and typography. Enjoys running around or riding his bike around his home town. Loves writing code.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Lewis Cowper. Portrait photo(colour) of Lewis Cowper.
UX Engineer / Developer

Lewis Cowper

Lewis owns a wonderful Sherlock coat which he wears with pride, he loves Burritos, and always gets excited about pictures or GIFs or red pandas.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Jenn Turner. Portrait photo(colour) of Jenn Turner.

Jenn Turner

Developer who prefers community building and writing as her super strengths. Passionate about Open Source, donuts, and Marceline from Adventure Time.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Nick Hehr. Portrait photo(colour) of Nick Hehr.
Frontend Developer & Hoodie Maintainer

Nick Hehr

An empathetic community member, avid Disney parks & animation fan, and bouldering nut. His mustache is a figment of your imagination.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Ola Gasidlo. Portrait photo(colour) of Ola Gasidlo.
Frontend & Backend Developer

Ola Gasidlo

Advocate for daughter-driven development. Loves riding her bike and eating burgers. Founder and coach at a chapter of OpenTechSchool.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Patricia Garcia. Portrait photo(colour) of Patricia Garcia.
Frontend & Backend Developer

Patrica Garcia

Loves open source, impact-driven projects, coffee and beer in no particular order. She dreams of speaking proper German, one day, maybe.


Portrait photo(black and white) of Caolen McMahon. Portrait photo(colour) of Caolen McMahon.
Backend Developer

Caolan McMahon

Caolan has been contributing to a lot to projects like Node.js and async. Loves coffee and burritos and is well-known for his dry sense of humour.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Carolina Buzio. Portrait photo(colour) of Carolina Buzio.
Illustrator / Designer

Carolina Buzio

Passionate about illustrations with characters that express more than words could. Loves short films & making lovely things for her Blog.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Julia Schmidt. Portrait photo(colour) of Julia Schmidt.
Journalist / Writer

Julia Schmidt

Loves travelling abroad, discovering new countries, cities and regions. Loves painting a lot and is part of RailsGirls.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Katrin Apel. Portrait photo(colour) of Katrin Apel
iOS Developer

Katrin Apel

Freelance iOS developer and maintainer of HOOHoodie, Hoodie's iOS Port. Loves attending and speaking at conferences and travelling.

Portrait photo(black and white) of Sven Lito. Portrait photo(colour) of Sven Lito.
Frontend & Backend Developer

Sven Lito

Often out for a run or at the boulder place, loves his bikes and enjoys cheesecake.


Hoodie’s contributors are awesome. And we cordially invite you to join us, we’d love to have you in this project!