We’re a small, but growing community, and
we’re there for you.

This is how we roll

No matter if you want to report a bug, need help, want to give us feedback or need support with your commercial Hoodie-based project, let us know. When contacting us, please keep our Code of Conduct in mind and use gender-neutral terms (like "folks", "y'all" or "Hoodies") when addressing us.

And if you want to contribute, please let us know anywhere anytime!

Say Hi to the Hoodies

  • We’re #hoodie on Freenode; we also have Office Hours there, you’ll find all details on our our IRC Page.
  • On Twitter, we're @HoodieHQ.
  • Whenever possible, please use public contact channels — this helps us make knowledge accessible to everyone and keep our project open. Still, you can also send us an Email.