Send and receive the same messages on IRC and Slack.

IRC is open and very common, but Slack is more user-friendly. We have developed an IRC/Slack two-way sync, so you can choose whatever you personally prefer.

We have multiple channels so everyone has the opportunity to opt into certain topics of their interest around Hoodie. There is #hoodie-dev, #hoodie-design, #hoodie-docs, #hoodie-help and #hoodie-pouch to foster focused discussions around these topics. On top of that there is #hoodie-random, where you'll mostly find gifs and off-topic stuff. Join #hoodie-selfies if you feel like sharing a moment with the community. #hoodie is our general hub and if you aren't sure about where to go next you'll always find help there. Especially during office hours (see below).

To get started join these channels on Freenode or sign up for our Slack through our Slack signup form

These are the guidelines:

We're a small team and can't always be here, but we still want to make it easy to get in touch with us. We're usually here on weekdays between 14:00 CE(S)T and 18:00 CE(S)T.. If you've never used IRC before, you can find all information on how to use it, get a nick name and join a channel here.

We also have an FAQ for the most common questions. We also have special pages for Bug Reports and various resources where you can get help. And, in general, we’re of course on the internet™ — you’ll find all the places where we are on our contact page.