Hoodie wouldn’t be where it is today without the people who supported it by dedicating their time, skills, knowledge, by giving talks about it and supporting the project financially.

Here at Hoodie, there’s always a lot of work to do for everyone, for example for people who do programming, design, writing, organising and many more. We ❤ the people who are involved in this project, and we’d love to have you on board.

If you want to take a first look at what we’ve been working on recently, a good start may be to look at our Milestones, the Ubersicht of our activity on Hoodie's GitHub activity, — and of course our blog and our Twitter always offer the latest information as well.

So here's to you, lovely person who wants to join us — this is how you can support us:

Share your skills and knowledge:

Hoodie is still work in progress, and you can help us make it more awesome. Support us in working towards Hoodie’s eventual goals and making Hoodie a tool which enables people to express themselves through a well-accessible, easy-to-learn technology. No matter your level of skills or knowledge, we appreciate your support and would love to welcome you on board.


This is a great time to contribute code to Hoodie. We are working on a new Hoodie version which is all about making it a pleasure for contributors. We would love to hear how you like it!

  • Here are well–prepared starter issues for your coding pleasure
  • Take the new Hoodie for a spin: Hoodie Tracker App
  • Build something new based on our simple Hoodie Tracker App, and tell us about it :)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We love great design, good user interfaces and seamless user experiences, as much as we love beautiful logos and illustrations. We care a lot about all of them. Some examples of our currently open design tasks are creating graphics and designs for our Hoodie-Shop, helping with our graphical interfaces, making improvements on our content, and of course anything else you'd like to help us with. (You're the expert here and your feedback would help us a lot.) If you’re interested in helping us, please contact us. It would be lovely to hear from you.

Write documentation

Heads up: we are currently working on a new Hoodie version. The documentation is being updated from the old Hoodie to the new version and might be confusing at times. It’s best to talk to us; we are more than happy to asset finding a good place for you to help with documentation.


Do you like Hoodie and now want to tell other people about it? Wow, that’s amazing to hear! We know that preparing talks takes a lot of time. To support you and your efforts, we have prepared some talks about Hoodie for you (including presenter notes.) Just click on the format of your choice, download them, adjust them to your needs, and help us spread the word! Our currently available talks are (zip archive including fonts):

  • "One million Cheesecakes — Getting started with Hoodie": Keynote
  • "Coding the Dream: Getting started with Hoodie and Offline First": Keynote

If you're interested in other talks or topics, you'll find all our past talks, usually with slides, in this list. If you then would like to present one of them yourself, please contact us.

Start a Meetup in your town

Hoodie is both easy-to-learn for beginners and a great tool for experienced developers. So why not start a Hoodie Meetup in your town? Many of us have been organising meetups for a long time now and found these three pieces really helpful:

If you want to give a Hoodie-talk at your meetup, check the “give talks”-section above, we have talks ready for you to adjust and use.

Host a Hoodie Workshop

Or maybe you want to host a Hoodie workshop? Then we’ve got something for you … We have prepared a document with prerequisites and a running order here, it's still work in progress but also has links to tutorials or content you may want to use and some useful tips. For your workshop participants, there's also a Hoodie Cheat Sheet, you can get it here: Web VersionPrint Version.

In case you need further support, ping us, we’re happy to help!

Give money

Hoodie matters to us, and we want it to have a good future and be a sustainable project. Here are some ways you can help fuel the Hoodie movement:

Become a Backer

Starting at only $1/month, you can join Hoodie’s OpenCollective. Every contribution counts! All expenses are transparently documented.

Become an official Sponsor

Starting at $100/month, you can become an official Hoodie sponsor. All sponsors are listed on our sponsoring page, and we will publically thank you for your support and are happy to share your message through our channels. If you rely on Hoodie or want to support our community, while benefiting getting your word out, this is for you!

Wear Hoodie

Cozy, warm, and oh-so-snuggly: this is Hoodie — and this is what Hoodie textiles are like. You’ll find them all in our Hoodie merchandise shop.

Remember, investing in your own Hoodie-Shirt, Hoodie-Tote, or other Hoodie-Stuff will do more than keep you cozy . . . and it will do more than give you that warm feeling you get when you do something you know will make the world a little bit better . . . it will show the world you’e played a part in making the world better. It will ensure you’ll have even more Hoodie goodness in days to come.